Shasta Shield


ShastaBeam provides service for all issues and problems associated with the Internet Connectivity service we sell. From time to time Customer may have connectivity problems that require a service technician to come out to their location and troubleshoot the problem. If it is determined that the associated problem is no fault of the customer, then there will be no charge, otherwise a standard service charge of $125.00 for travel and labor will apply, unless specified otherwise in advance of the time of request for service. Charges for a service call may vary depending on the location of the customer and what the specifics of the problem are. Customers are expected to work out any difficulties with the service technician at the time services are performed.

ShastaBeam offers a Service Call Protection Plan called "Shasta Shield" whereby the customer agrees to pay an additional $5/month and when and if service is needed, a ShastaBeam Service Technician will come to the customers house under the same terms and conditions as above for a flat charge of $25.00 rather than the $125.00 mentioned above.

ShastaBeam reserves the right to cancel the ShastaShield service in the event that a particular customer abuses the privileges of this lowered service call.