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Yes my name is Wunderlich. I'm one of your customers out in Palo Cedro. I called earlier today with the problem with the Internet and I got a call back within about 20 minutes from a very nice person. I don't know who she is but she was very helpful she walked us through a lot of steps. We decided at the end problem was probably here on our end. I just want you to know that thanks to her help and some intersession by my son who knows what he's doing, we finally have the thing back up and running. We're getting about 70% of the signal we should be getting and it will probably get better but at least it's enough to function and I just wanted you to know that that's a very good employee and I have been and I wanna thank her for her help and tell her that it seems to be solved. If it doesn't work out on the long run basis we'll call back but as of right now today, Sunday the 15th, it's seems to be working and I wanna thank you for your help. Alright goodbye.

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Wireless Internet Service Customer

Living in Bella Vista with only Frontier as a provider for internet was like having none at all much of the time. A year with Hughesnet Satellite was better but not as good as we hoped or they advertised. Finding Shasta Beam solved all of our problems. It works great all of the time. I highly recommend it for those who do not have cable internet available.

S. Holman Bella Vista, Ca
wireless internet service customer

Better than hughes net! Cable speed without the urban noise. Great service, when i call its easy to get a hold of a person. Service calls have been responded to very quickly and the issues handled professionally. I would recommend this internet to anyone. By far the best out there.

J. Thompson Redding, Ca
Wireless Internet Service Customer

We have been with Shasta Beam since September 2016 and if you saw where we live you would not believe we could even get ANY type of internet services much less speeds this fast! We live "off grid" use generator and solar and our Shasta Beam dish never misses a beat. We run everything we did in the big city of Paradise CA with Xfinity-Comcast for a fraction of the cost and we are abovr their download and upload speeds in the boon docks here in the valley! We love our service and our providers! Bless you all Shasta Beam you made this family extremely blessed!

God's GRACE Animal Rescue Place Anderson, Ca
Wireless Internet Customer

I live in Happy Valley and the Internet is so much faster than the other 2 providers that serve this area. No outages and the customer service is great!

C. Davidson Happy Valley, Ca
Wireless Internet Service Customer

I have used them for several years. They have been really great! Good customer service and very helpful! They have been helpful during the Carr fire and notifying about possible outages. They even credited my account for a month service because of the hardship brought on by the fire. We previously had digitalpath, constant outages and unhelpful customer service.

A. Hoelck Anderson, Ca
Wireless Internet Customer

We finally watched one show without the dreaded, delay of the spinning loading icon. Shastabeam hooked us up! If you’re out of city limits and tired of AT&T, give them a call.

M. Fowler Redding, Ca
wireless internet service customer

The installer arrived on time, worked efficiently, and our internet works great! No issues at all with all the storms either; very pleased.

M. Brown Redding, Ca
wireless internet service customer

Everyone at Shasta Beam has been great to work with. They showed up and did the installation right on time. Very helpful and through. I have really enjoyed the experience.

W. Martin Redding, Ca
wireless internet service customer

Every thing works well. We can actually watch You tube now. No problems. Why did we stay with AT&T so long?????

K. Stone Redding, Ca

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