Shastabeam now offers
services in Los Molinos California

New Equipment and High Speed Internet Service
in Los Molinos CA !

Our goal is to provide better internet every day. In much of Northern California, rural communities’ residents are being left out of the benefits of having access to reliable high speed services.

Many of the only options in these areas have slow speeds, outages, data caps or limits. This has become known as the "rural digital divide".

Shastabeam is committed to solving these issues and providing reliable high speed unlimited internet access to its customers. With heavy capital investments in broadband infrastructure, Shastabeam has been building a network with reliability as our key component. Fundamentally, Shastabeam strives to express its values in the dependability of its service and quality of customer care.

Shastabeam is pleased to announce the improved services provided to Los Molinos.


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